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Because there are two systems I would read the profiles for both and decide which feels right for you.

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Below is a list of all the dates for the Chinese New Year over the last years and again, if your birthday falls a day or two either side, send me an email to the address above. Again, I must stress that this only applies to Aquarians, those born between the 20th January and the 19th February. Chinese Lunar Zodiac Calendar.

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Some people are born very close to the time when Sun signs are about to change, and can be influenced by more than one sign. The cusp is when a Sun sign is in the last 5 degrees as it exits, or the first 5 degrees as it enters. This works out to be somewhere between last 5 days of one Sun sign and the first 5 days of another Sun sign.

Are you born on a cusp

The Sun actually straddles both signs, briefly, at one time. However, cusps generally fall on the following birthdays:.

Aquarius Cusp Traits

Being born on the cusp of two signs means you have influence from the two different Sun signs. How influential each sign may be depends on the actual time and place you were born.

The closer you are to the moment of the transition, the more balanced the influence the two different signs will be. The further you were born from the moment of transition, the more one sign will be dominant than the other.

February 16th Zodiac - Astrology Zodiac Signs

Your Sun sign is either one or the other. Please be sure to mention that you want to know your Sun sign.

You can use this natal chart positions tool for determining the sign positions of all your planets, including the Sun, based on your birth date. This tool will tell you your Sun sign accurately if you were born near a cutoff date and you know your birth time.

Which Zodiac Sign Are You When You're Born On The Cusp?

However, the times given below are accurate based on the year. Be sure to adjust for your time zone. Eastern time — please adjust to the time zone of your birth , NOT your current residence.