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Dedicated work is an important keyword for you this year. Your work will bring reward, not challenged until the eclipse in the spring. When that occurs this year, you will quickly shift and any losses will quickly turn to gain as you restructure your financial affairs, your financial strategies, and even your financial philosophy.

You may not see the changes in you but others will and they will be drawn to you and then it will seem that lady luck has arrived with a plethora of income opportunities, new, different, and adventurous. You will make serious financial plans but be more open to new ways. Health issues may challenge you this year or health issues could be risen above in Just when you feel unrestrained in your career, the piper comes to exact a price in health.

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You however will be more open to doing the things it takes to get health back in order and you will do so quickly early summer and it will be a lasting change of focus on food, diet, exercise and wellness. A two month setback in the spring, not of a serous nature, leads to permanent change. You will also find changes of an emotional nature and come to a higher spiritual, dreamy plane and it will decrease stress for you, bringing you long sought peace, contentment, and joy.

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Read your free pisces horoscope forecast based on your sun sign. Early in the year there is added influence exerted in your job and career and changes of how you perform your job are likely to take place.

Your Monthly Horoscope January Pisces Sign - Vedic Astro Zone

Go with the flow and be ready to accept the need to change routines to embrace the future. The rest of the year finds the strongest literal change in the realm of love, romance, heart and children. New people, new dreams and new creative endeavors are likely to be incoming. All the more important to be walking in your own truth and under your own light.

This prepares you to both enhance and empower your ability to get into the semblance of a love affair. Being creative and helping others, govern your direction. You are a sensitive, shy, emotional, and compassionate person. You often care more for others than for yourself. Feelings, empathy and the unconscious dictate how you express yourself. You are a idealist and visionary. You subtly influence your environment when you express these or vice versa. Then you are confused about what you experience.

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Sometimes, you cannot deal with the hurt and pain that you see. Wanting to help and save people, or you want to run away. Therefore, you need to learn discrimination and to have peace and tranquillity in your life, or periods of retreat so you can find out what you feel. Alcohol and drugs are dangerous for you, since you are easily effected by these, losing direction.

Don't know your Moon sign? Click here to find out. Your health condition would be excellent this year. Some of you might think about rejuvenating your fitness plan. It is indeed an excellent time to get involved in physical activities. Hitting the gym would be a better idea to burn your extra calories, especially this year.

Vaidyanathan Pooja to get rid of Health Problems. A Pisces born is polite, humble, philosophical, religious minded and God fearing. This sign people are restless, ever dreamy, contemplating and imagining about life. By nature, Pisces born is kind, sympathetic, and loyal. Pisces born incline towards management, finance, economics, law, philosophy, and spiritual subjects. Pisces sign will make one a teacher, lecturer, professor, banker, administrator, advisor, or priest.. Unfavorable Months: April, May, July, August, December during these months you are advised to pray to your favorite deity and perform recommended rituals.

General: For Pisceans, the year will be favorable for income flow. They will display a high level of intelligence, courage, and communication, adding to their popularity. They may gain in speculative activities and inherit a legacy. Love matters are favorable. Overall, their life will be happy.

These trends can be seen from the beginning of the year until the first half of May. The same situation will prevail during November and December. Productivity and performance will peak in the 3rd quarter. It is also a good time for finances.

Pisces 2020 horoscope

There will be profitable real estate transactions, and house, land, building, and vehicles will be bought or sold. They will be able to triumph over enemies. Career: There will be an average success in career and the months July, August and September will see better results in productivity and real estate transactions. Where business prospects are concerned, the second half of March to the first half of May will be good.

Overview: Pisces 12222 Health Horoscope

They can depend on speculation during the first and the last quarters of Love Relationship: Love between partners will be strong during the first five months and the last three months of the year. Their loved one will shower them with care, affection, and closeness for a major part of the year. Marital bliss is good. Those looking for life partners would meet with success though June, July, August, September, and October may not give good results. Finance: There will be good income flow during the first five months as well as the last two months of the year.

Dragon Luck Prediction by Month 12222

Finances would be strong during July, August, and September. Expenses will be reasonable, with no unexpected or unwarranted debits.

Overall, this year looks good for finances and wealth. During this period, school and university students would do well in academics and competitions. Those aspiring to study abroad must put more efforts to succeed.